Rendition of proposed Energy Tower

Recently the Midland City Council a swell as the Midland Economic Development Corporation has been in negotiation to develop the 58- story multi-use Energy Tower at City Center. The more than 900,000 square foot structure will include Class A office space, luxury apartments, hotel and retail space and add almost $300 million to the Midland tax values.

As compared to the existing total asset value of all the existing buildings in Downtown Midland of $150 to $200 million this project would generate significant more revenue for the City. But as the oil "boom" is not at the initial phase and no certain determination of how long it will last and historically, looking the abrupt downfall of oil prices of the 1980s - is the aggressive planning of investing this magnitude of resources in one venture a prudent idea. Can the Midland economy sustain this opportunity in 15 years or is it worth the risk of vacancies in office and residential space and the image to potential investors and companies to relocate and stay in the Midland Area?

How can the building be a economically and community sustainable asset for current and future supply and demands?

Create a plan as to how the partnership can be done and in the shortage amount of time so that it remains in the front of the oil bust.

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